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The Steering Group

When the Parish Council decided to look at the possibility of making a Neighbourhood Plan, volunteers from the Parish Council and the local community were asked to join a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group to take it forward.

A Parish Plan had been produced 2014 and several members of that Steering Group were interested in helping with the production of the Neighbourhood Plan.  In addition, at the time of a community meeting to launch the plan, residents interested in getting involved were asked to record their areas of interest or expertise.

The Steering Group gathered information, issues, comments and concerns to enable the Neighbourhood Plan to be developed.  The Steering Group did not have responsibility for deciding what went into the plan.

Members of the Steering Group are listed below:

Graham Litson (Chairman)
Pat Lewis
Stephen Borthwick
Edward Heyes
Anne Thomas

Geoff Hiscox

Peter Cruttwell

Administrator, Keith Shilton.
Phone: 01600 890183
Email: sec@wagpc.org.uk



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